Introduction lesson: Travelling (Pre-Intermediate)

23 апреля 2018

There are so many amazing places to see around the world. What are your top fifty? We asked our viewers, and here are some of their favourites.
Welcome to Bangkok! With over six million people, it’s big, it’s busy, and our viewers love it. It’s great for shopping and the nightlife is great too.
It’s got lots of clubs, bars, shops, food… Everything you need, really.

Thailand is an important place for Buddhists around the world, and there are 400 temples in Bangkok alone. Tourists love to visit the temples too.
Another favourite is the Masai Mara in Kenya. It’s a fantastic place to watch animals. Zebras, elephants, antelope, hippos, and lions. You can see them all. So, why is it so special?
I just love the wide, open spaces. The animals are amazing, and the people are so warm and friendly.
And now from Africa to South America, it’s the Iguacu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The name Iguacu means ‘big water’, and the falls certainly are big. The falls are so big, so huge. You stand next to them and feel very, very small. It’s the natural world at its best.

Now a popular, romantic city… the city of lights, Paris. To me Paris is elegant, romantic, and expensive. But beautiful. Enjoy the views of the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Back to Africa now, South Africa. Yes, it’s Cape Town. And behind Cape Town is the 1,000 metre high Table Mountain, with its wonderful views. We went there over New Year… Lovely, just a lovely lovely place.
Everyone loves the mountains and beaches that make Cape Town so special. And these little guys—the penguins. This is the big moment: the number one place to see before you die. The big favourite is… the Grand Canyon! The Grand Canyon is an amazing place. You can read about the Grand Canyon and you can look at photographs and videos, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing.
There’s so much to see that you never stop seeing something new. The colours are just so… amazing.
With every changing inch of the sunset, the colours in the canyon change. But there’s only one word that everyone says when they talk about the Grand Canyon. It really is awesome…
Just completely awesome… Awesome… Awesome is the word… It was awesome… Awesome… Awesome… Awesome’s the only word…

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