Introduction lesson: Travelling (Elementary)

20 апреля 2018

Посмотрите ролик в первый раз и постарайтесь понять основной смысл. Если вам сложно воспринимать речь на слух, то вы можете ее прочитать.

Around the World subtitle

Pablo: Hello, or, ah , ‘hola’ from Chile. My name is Pablo, and I’m from Santiago. Santiago is a mix of old buildings and new buildings. My job — I’m a bus driver in Santiago . In my job
I speak Spanish and English. The mountains in Chile are very beautiful. It’s very cold, but I love it.

Eric: Hello, my name’s Eric and I’m from British Columbia in Canada. I’m a waiter in a restaurant, a restaurant on a train. It’s a good job; people are very nice, very friendly. I speak English and French in my job. Canada is beautiful — the rivers, the mountains — really beautiful. I love it here.

Mizna: ‘Assalamu alaikum’, that’s hello in my country Oman. My name is Mizna, and I’m a student at university in Muscat. I speak English and Arabic at university. Muscat is a beautiful city with many big buildings, for example, the Grand Mosque. But I am not from Muscat. I am from a small village in the countryside. It’s very hot in my Village, but I love it.

Kustaa: Hello, or ‘hei’ from Finland . My name ‘s Kustaa and I’m from Helsinki. the capital city of Finland. I’m a businessman in Helsinki. I speak English and Finnish in my work, and yes it’s very, very cold here. The countryside around Helsinki is beautiful, and it’s very good for sports — winter sports. I really love it here.
Aisha: Hi from Malaysia. I’m Aisha and I’m from Kuala Lumpur. KL is a big city with a lot of new buildings. I’m a shop assistant in a tourist shop. I speak English and Malay in my job. The countryside in Malaysia is beautiful — the beaches

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